1 to 1 Guidance with Christopher

Going through an Awakening? Looking for deeper guidance on initial Awakening and Self-Realization? Looking to have a glimpse and realization of the Supreme-Self?

NOTE: These single session 1 to 1’s are not for Liberation. If you feel ready for Liberation and want to make the “final effort” for that, then you need to email me here to see if you are ready – christopherjaismith@gmail.com. Simply email me saying you would like to attend the private Self-Realization Meetings for Liberation.

Below are a number of options to work with Christopher on a 1 to 1 basis. Get deeper and exact guidance, exploration, clarification and confirmation on your Awakening, Self-Realization and movement towards Liberation.

In addition, there is a second option to work with Christopher to understand the “Soul Empowerment” teachings. Integrate the 7 Principles of Conscious Manifestation and much more.


Realizing the Supreme-Self

Privately work 1 to 1 With Christopher to realize Supreme-Self. Connecting with the timeless dimension of lasting peace, truth and freedom. Work with me to glimpse the who you really are, beyond the mind, or work through any blockage you may have on the path to freedom. £35 for 1 Session or 4 Sessions for £120 (Save £20). (1-2 hour session).

These sessions are not for Liberation, please email me at christopherjaismith@gmail.com if you would like to attend the private Self-Realization Meetings for Liberation.

Session Options


If you feel you are ready for the final efforts, and want real Liberation, then please email me at christopherjaimsith@gmail.com , and I will send you a questionnaire that needs to be answered to see if you are ready for the final, private Self-Realization Meetings. These are held in a variety of ways in an intensive and focused format, over a condensed period of time. All information about that will be discussed if I feel you are ready.

Soul Empowerment

Soul Empowerment & Conscious Manifestation

Never feel powerless again!

Privately work 1 to 1 With Christopher to enhance and sharpen your Soul Empowerment abilities. Increase your Conscious Manifestation powers. Was £45 now £33 per session. 1-2 hour.

What Happens Next...

From Christopher – I like to work either via zoom call or facebook video call (but other options can be discussed).  

Simply purchase the session you want above, and you will receive an email from me asking about your specific aim or issue for the session. We will then arranged a time to suit us both. A session is a minimum of 1.5 hour, often 2hr. I look forward to working with you. With great respect, Christopher.

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