May 15th 2019

How Do We Become Free From Thoughts And Transcend The Limitations Of The Mind?

Those that have been enlightenment seekers for long…enough will have realized that they are not the contents of their mind, that they are not their thoughts, but that they stretch far far beyond them. But still, even with that realization, they may feel trapped in their minds at times, still identified on some level with their thoughts. Still feeling like a ‘mind-based self’. 

So because of this, a lot of emphasis in the enlightenment seeking world is placed on ‘stilling the mind’, on creating a state of ‘no-mind’. But let me tell you, whatever can be a state…can CHANGE, and so creating a state is not the lasting solution we are seeking, because it can only ever be temporary. What we want is true ‘freedom from thoughts’, and that occurs not by necessarily ‘stopping’ the mind, because ultimately it can’t stand still forever, but by creating distance from the mind. 

Creating Space From The Thought-Process

So thoughts are not a problem, but they become a problem for us when we are restlessly following them all of the time. Our beliefs and perceptions shape our experience of life and keep us identified as a ‘finite-being’ separate from the rest of existence. When we are looking through the lens of belief…everything becomes a distortion, and we confuse who we are and what reality is. This is true wether our beliefs are ‘so called’ ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, because if we are lost in unpleasant feelings or lost in pleasant feelings…we are still lost either way. Whether the dream is a nightmare or a fairy tale, we are still only looking through the limited filter of perception, not in touch with our true Infinite nature beyond the dream.

So to be free from thoughts we must disengage and stand apart from them. When this occurs often enough…great space is created in the mind, and the tight grip of the mind begins to loosen. In that space…is the freedom we seek.

It’s like a balloon that has been held down by a lead weight suddenly breaking free! It ascends to higher and higher heights of freedom and ecstasy.

How To Create Space

Have you ever noticed…that when your lost in thinking…your completely lost in thinking…? No sh**. But what I mean is… your unaware, unconscious. In other words, your not being aware of thoughts… instead your busy ‘thinking’ them, believing them, busy engaged in them and AS them.

So as soon as you begin to silently witness thoughts, which means to watch thoughts without judgement of them, you instantly shift and create space from them. In other words, you can’t truly witness your thoughts and be your thoughts at the same time! It’s impossible! In the moment of witnessing them…you are instantly freed from them! Keep witnessing thoughts and freedom continues to get deeper and deeper!

So my friends, very simply…witness your thoughts without mental commentary, period. That is all. And watch how you expand beyond regular everyday perception, to an ease of grace past all comprehension. 

In this place, Consciousness is directly experienced in its inherent purity.

In that space is all the magic. Pure Consciousness, pure freedom, peace and ecstasy!

Stay as a quiet WITNESS.

All my love & respect.
Christopher Jai x

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