Prayer, what really is it?
Nearly all of the various religions and spiritual traditions of the world involve prayer in one way or another; some ritualize the act, requiring a strict sequence of actions or placing a criteria on who is permitted to pray, while others teach that prayer may be practiced by anyone at any time. But has the real purpose and meaning of prayer been lost?
The general idea of prayer is that it is an established relationship between you and a God or deity in which you are pleading to for help in some way for guidance or favor. In a religious view God (or whatever name you want to use for a higher power) is often seen as a power that exists in separation to you. God and life are seen as a duality. But in some of the other ancient, and more modern perceptions of spirituality, God is seen as EVERYTHING, and therefore not separate from who you are. In fact, God is seen as the very Source and essence of our natures. Who we really are at the core. This shift of perception about God from a duality vision to a oneness vision changes the whole meaning and purpose of prayer entirely!
Because who or what are you actually praying to?
Some separate entity in the sky? Or the very intelligence of life that you both are, and one with?
Based on the oneness version of God it is the latter.
God is your very body, mind and soul, as well as nature and the universe at large. This means that you have a direct power to communicate with Gods intelligence and feel yourself shifting from within.
PRAYER IS AN EXPERIENCE OF REVITALIZATION, BEING REBORN, the inception of a new vision, a new way of perceiving things, a new dimension, and a new way of being. Prayer is not something that you do, and it is not a long-distance phone call to some intelligence far away that is separate from you: prayer is something that you become! It is a SHIFT!
It is a certain quality of being. It has nothing to do with the words that you utter in the mosques, churches or temples. It is a quiet conversation with the all-pervading Source of life. It is to be in tune with the totality of the universe and beyond. To align in harmony with the WHOLE is prayer.
Prayer is a CALL to the ONENESS of life to SHIFT you to an experience that you most desire in your heart.
How To Pray Correctly?
To allow prayer to SHIFT you from one state to another you first have to connect with the intelligence of God, and to do that you have to be able to listen. Most people are too busy “doing” and their mind is full of chatter and desire. First this has to be reduced (hence why many religions follow certain rituals to get you into that state of being). The way to connect to God is through inner stillness and silence. “Be still and know that I Am God”. These are the ways to be quiet enough within yourself to be able to listen and ask for a SHIFT to happen.
One of the most well known ways to connect to inner stillness and silence is to meditate. Correct meditation will allow the mind to settle down and bring you consciously back to the present. With less thoughts, which are noise, you will find yourself in an inner stillness and silence.
Often, the deeper in silence you go, the better. However, this is not the most important step. We will come to that later.
The next step is to conceive of what you want to “become”. This is important to emphasize: prayer is not so much about life bringing you something externally, so much as it is about life SHIFTING you internally! 
It’s not about what you can GET, but about what you can BECOME or be free from!
Of course it is true that many miraculous things can happen and things can come to you in your life in the form of guidance and such, but essentially prayer is a “quality” not a parcel delivery company 🙂 Has life not given us enough already?
This is the power of understanding that life is a reflection of “who we are”, not what we ask for. These two are very different things, because we could ask for so many things, and yet if our state of being doesn’t change, then its likely we won’t be able to receive them. So the most powerful prayers are about who you are as opposed to your life circumstances. 
So the step after this is to conceive of what you wish to BE. For instance you may want to be more happy, peaceful, loving, kind, intelligent, powerful, confident, magnetic or skillful in a certain area of your life. Whatever you wish and envision, make sure it is from your heart with good intent.
The next step is to either “know” or “believe” that a SHIFT will happen. Knowing is more powerful than belief, but belief is very powerful too. Knowing comes from understanding and often having direct experience with the power of pray and God. But belief can act like a bridge, if knowing is not yet present. Knowing or having belief means that in that moment you have removed all doubt from your mind and are now open to the SHIFT taking place.
This step may be the most important, it is…HEART.
The ancients knew the secret of praying from the heart as opposed to just mindlessly muttering words without any emotion. Emotion which is “energy-in-motion”, is the key to transformation through prayer. Your heart is the most powerful electromagnetic field generator in the body, more powerful than the brain, and it has the power to literally change the frequency of the body when emotion is present. And so when you conceive of your wish and genuinely feel it with all of your heart, knowing or believing that it can or will happen, a SHIFT will take place! You may feel that shift immediately or the shift may happen in a more subtle way, but be without doubt that it has happened, because the intelligence of God and life has heard your call. It has heard your call because it speaks in the language of energy, vibration and frequency. Thus prayer is the art of communicating with God in the form of energy, frequency and vibration to shift you to where your heart and God wants you to be. This is the science of prayer.
So let your whole life be one of prayer, and let prayer transform your state of being to whatever you would rather experience 🙏
With love,
See the video below for more explanation. 
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