The INSTANT Materialization of Perception

Ladies and gentlemen, Eternal beings of ALL THAT IS, get ready to be empowered with the real knowledge of Infinite possibilities!

So in the previous videos and articles we have been speaking about the nature of perception, and how the ‘holding true’ (belief, identity) of perception gives rise to the experience of separation and limitation. How perception literally alters the true non-physical nature of existence, and turns it into a seemingly physical solid experience.

Shape Your Inner Experience

Now if we reverse this truth, something truly amazing and empowering reveals itself to us. That is, if our perceptions shape our sense of experience, then if we can get clear about our perceptions, go beyond them, and choose them consciously, we can literally alter our experience at will!

In other words, by taking control and choosing our perceptions consciously, we can transform our inner experience instantly from one of unpleasantness to pleasantness. If our perceptions have the ability to make us feel miserable, then they also have the power to make us ecstatic!

Transform Circumstances

Now if this news isn’t amazing and empowering enough, then get this – your perceptions don’t only transform your inner experience, they transform your outer circumstances too!

In other words, they transform your whole experience! And here’s why – as we spoke about in previous articles, what you call the ‘outer world’ is only a neutral mirror canvas upon which our perceptions get reflected back to us. Just like how you can be dreaming at night and you think of a castle, and all of a sudden a castle appears before you. There is no castle outside of you, the castle is made of you! It is generated by perception, and it is made of Consciousness! Even the perception itself is made of Consciousness. It is appearing on the screen of Consciousness, just like images appear on a TV screen. There is no distance!

In the same way, our perceptions determine the reflection that we see and experience. The world of perception and so called ‘matter’ are not separate, they are all made of non-physical Consciousness. Even modern physics says this – all is empty space, not solid! As it has often been said in ancient eastern spiritual traditions – form in emptiness and emptiness in form. And so when a change is made on the level of perception, it filters through instantly onto the canvas of circumstance. A building up of this change leads to an overall change in circumstance.

More clearly said, when a chosen perception shifts your so called ‘inner’ experience, it creates a certain level of energy that saturates the mirror canvas of present circumstance. People will, knowingly and unknowingly, feel different in the presence of your energy, thus changing their response and dealings with you!

Your behaviours and actions will naturally change because your state of energy has shifted. You will often feel compelled to take certain actions different than before. You may also find new inspiration, and have access to opportunities that seemed invisible to you previously. Your whole energy opens up to new possibilities that are in accordance with your new chosen perceptions.

On an even deeper more universal level, life begins to send your way, all the people, places, circumstances, information and resources that are in accordance with the gathering of energy you are emboding. You create a energetic force field around you, from which all of those things in resonance are attracted towards you, and which is the force that propels you towards them!

This is magnetic energy!

In a physical world model of separation, none of this would make sense, but in a Unified-non-physical-energy model…it makes perfect sense!

So just take a moment to think of the empowering ramifications of this truth?

Every perception you hold to be true…creates a layer of energy. Keep thinking, affirming and speaking your chosen perception…and you build a dense layer of energy that shapes your inner experience within the body and mind, aswell as radiating the neutral-mirror-canvas of people and circumstance. Which is the so called ‘outer world’ that is made of the same Consciousness/Energy.

As spoken about in the previous article, there is only Eternal Consciousness, or Eternal Energy. It is all One, and all are this energy. There is nothing outside of ALL THAT IS. You, as Consciousness, are the ALLNESS of existence!

Therefore, with your chosen perceptions, you are not altering other people and objects, there are no other people or objects! You are simply the agent of ALL THAT IS altering itself!

Just like how in a dream everyone is a figment of your dream-perceptions, which are made of Consciousness, You, as ALL THAT IS is only altering itself through conscious choice! You see?

Because ‘other’ people are not essentially separate. The Consciousness in them is the same Consciousness as the Source in you. It permeates everything! Also, their bodies are non-physical energy made of the One Consciousness too! Consciousness is have many points of experience through many different bodies simultaneously.

And so when you get in touch with your ultimate nature as the One-non-physical-energy-consciousness, and you consciously choose your perceptions, you really have the ability to alter all of what you experience through that particular expression of your body-mind, so called ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, to whatever reality you would prefer.

Consciousness never experiences anything outside of itself. Whatever it experiences is part of itself, is built of itself!

All is but a dream, but when you Wake Up within the dream…you can dream the good dream…

What dream-life would you rather experience?

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