The ILLUSION of the Physical Reality Perception

What if the reality we think we know, through our perception, is untrustworthy, and is the very thing blocking us from experiencing true actual reality?

Would that not be truly amazing and mind blowing to realise!

For spiritual seekers this is not new. Many seekers have had the taste of perceptual illusions shattered, but for the larger populous, it could come as a tumultuous shock.

Imagine how difficult it is for someone to both realise and accept that truth. It’s essentially asking people to question and accept the possibility that everything they perceive to be true…could be entirely wrong!

Most would not welcome or be open to that suggestion, it would seem too scary! Scary because it cannot be controlled, and people fear what they cannot control. Because if they are not in control… something bad could happen…

Control is a classic self-preservation response of a person who feels separate and finite in life. But it is only in the true ‘unknown’ that we find the known. When the unknown hits…it can be truly auspicious!

Rewind back to 2008. There I was alone, sat on a bench staring at a tree. I thought I knew what I was looking at, I thought I was in touch with reality. I thought I knew what the world was. Then all of a sudden…BOOM! The fabric of reality was pierced, the sugar coated topping of my perception melted, and I found my consciousness completely immersed in the true nature of existence, like when I had been a child. I really did not know what I was looking at, or who was looking. I did not know where I was, I could not pin myself down to a particular location. I was non-local. I was allover the place. In the trees, grass, bench and sky. Everything was like pure space. What seemed physical and solid just a moment before, turned into a sense of infinite non-physical spaciousness. Fluid and flowing like water. It was reality in its true bare essential state.

All of this occurred in a spontaneous disengagement of perception. All objects, sense perceptions and thoughts became indistinguishably ONE.

In a touch of grace i had bypassed the ‘physical reality perception’.

The Illusion of Physical Reality

For us to explore this further, let’s take the analogy of a reflection in water.

If we stand over a river bank, we will see our own reflection. How is that happening? The river does not contain our body in it, it is empty of our physical body. But yet it shows our reflection as if we are in the river itself. It happens because it simply reflects our own light back to us.

The river is like what most people call ‘physical reality’, its clear and devoid of meaning or substance. Its transparent and neutral. It appears physical only because we see our own perception reflected in it. It’s like looking at the world through rose tinted glasses and believing the whole world is red. The projection of perception creates an illusory bubble of experience which can feel very real.

Of course, most people don’t realise that what they see in the world is the reflection of their own perception mirrored back to them, they think the physical world is independent of their perception. But actually, for Eternal Consciousness, the whole seeming physical world is just a conceptual image of perception. No perception = no seeming physical world. No perception…and the seeming physical world collapses into the non-physical reality.

It is like a hollow canvas that is full of empty space. Actually, in reality, it is full of Consciousness, or more accurately, made of Consciousness. All occurring within Consciousness itself.

And so it’s the holding true of perception which seems to change the non-physical Consciousness into a solid experience. I say ‘seemingly’ because in true reality it is always just non-physical. Perception itself is also non-physical, but when believed in…appears real.

It’s like dreams, they can appear very real, but in reality they are non-physical in nature. You can have a dream body with dream thoughts and feelings, but they are all non-physical, you see?

In reality, only Eternal Non-Physical Consciousness exists.

How to Transcend the Physical Reality Illusion and Glimpse Self-Realization?

It is only through transcending perception that it may be heightened and we free of it if it’s limiting effect.

Cleaning the Mirror Analogy

So imagine looking in a mirror to see your true face, but yet the mirror is dirty and dusty. What would you see? You would see a distortion of your true nature. To see the true reflection, you would need to remove the distortions.

The distortions are created by a persons perception. Create space and distance from perceptions, and all of a sudden true nature occurs (non-physical Consciousness).

Banana Analogy

It’s like if we imagine someone who has never tasted a banana before, no matter how much we describe it to them, what it looks like and how it tastes, they will never make contact with its true nature. We could give them all of the so called facts and information about this thing called the ‘banana’, but yet they would not truly know it until they are One with it directly.

To truly be One with reality directly is even beyond perception, beyond thoughts or sense perceptions. Many spiritual teachers speak of ‘direct reality’ as the pure awareness of sense perceptions alone (and experiencing objects through the senses), without conceptual thought. But even to experience reality through sense perceptions is incomplete of the truth. As sense perceptions are also happening within Non-physical Consciousness. They are also an illusion of a seeming physical reality, the last and most subtle of illusions to dissolve.

For example, one may say ‘all there is is the sensation of sitting on a seat’, but if we look closely, there is no sitting, seat or sensation. They are simply nameless phenomena occurring within direct reality. In other words, it’s all empty, it’s all non-physical occurrences in Consciousness. It is very subtle, but necessary for us to see and discover direct reality and dissolve the physical reality perception completely. Only then are all of the crutches of dependancy put away in order that we can stand on our own two feet as a true free expression of Eternal Consciousness.

Essentially, when non-physical Consciousness places it’s attention upon any-thing, it magnifies the experience of it. If attention is placed upon sense perceptions, they enhance and feel real and solid. If the pure attention of Consciousness’s focus falls back into itself, rather than on the object of sensation, or the sensation of an object, it tastes Infinity. Suddenly the body, mind, senses and objects vanish in their seeming physical form.

You then enter the reality of Infinite possibilities, thisness, which begin in the non-physical dimension.

We will explore more of the liberating and empowering possibilities of this discovery in future articles.

Opening to Direct Mystical Reality

So let’s see if we can move into the space of this non-physical Consciousness.

So quite simply, turn and open into your direct experience at this moment…

What is taking place for you?

Visuals, sounds, smells, tastes, thoughts, feelings and the sense of touch.

Who is Aware of these occurrences?

What is the view that these occurrences are happening within?

We can say Consciousness or Awareness, but the word will not do. Instead go to the seat, the experience of that Awareness (Awareness is – Consciousness that is aware).

Now as you are aware of all these activities, do not internally converse about them, just be purely aware…

Now give no attention to those phenomena, and simply turn the attention towards itself, and let it rest there…

In that, the seeming physical reality will melt and the non-physical Infinite will come to life!

All my love & respect. Christopher J xxx

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