3 Direct Questions to Explore Our True Natures


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Throughout the ages, there has been beings that have discovered the Source of who they really are. This discovery has been known by many names, such as Enlightenment, Self-Realization, God-Realization and Awakening to name but a few. All these beings have agreed that they found a true freedom from fear, sorrow, illusions and attachment to the world, thus bringing them real lasting peace, joy and freedom. But they also contend that all of these benefits were only an inherent result of what they found within. What all these beings also agreed upon, is that what they found cannot be defined by name or form, and that ultimately, it is a complete mystery beyond words. A beautiful mystery, but one that can only be tasted directly by each being themselves.

It is my wish, that through this process of questions that iv called ‘The Discovery’, that each being will also stumble upon this beautifully rare mystery, and reap the immense benefits it bestows.

As with the journey to achieve any goal, there is a natural evolutionary process that takes place. Part of this process is an experimental phase whereby all the different avenues are being explored and tested, to be able to come to a particular refinement and efficiency of methods, that will bring about the achievement of that particular goal. Spirituality (discovering who you really are) is certainly no different.

When we look back into the history of spirituality there have been many traditions, and these traditions have had many methodologies, and surrounding these methodologies have come many superstitions, dogmas and beliefs. Whilst there is nothing right or wrong with this, it can be confusing and time consuming for a spiritual seeker to work through. Potentially taking them a lifetime to learn and perfect a method, often of which rarely brings them to the Source of their true natures (Self-Realization). Other times, a method, like a meditation, mantra or breath work, can, without a direct line of inquiry and guidance, leave a being without a true vision of what they really are, thus keeping them within a boundary vision of themselves.

From this boundary vision comes distress, woe and limitation of all kinds. This is actually unnatural, because, what we really are in relation to the universe, is natural. Thus a being should not have to wait lifetimes to reacquaint themselves with what they already are.

THE DISCOVERY, with its three main questions, has the purpose of cutting through the ‘long routes’ of the spiritual path, and instead laying the foundation for a fast-track towards the ultimate goal of every spiritual seeker – Returning To The Source Of Who They Really Are. The reason why it is called ‘The Discovery’ is because it is for every being, themselves, to have that discovery. No one can truly tell you what you are, it is a complete mystery, a mystery that only you can directly experience and find the answer to.

A question is a very powerful tool. A question is a quest, that is where the word comes from. Quest-ion is made up of the word quest, which is an intention to find something, and the suffix ion in the word question means ‘action’. So a ‘question’ is literally an ‘active quest’ to find the truth about whatever the nature of our question is. So in a sense we can say that the quality of our questions determines our journey, what we will find, and even the richness of our life experience as a result.

If someone’s questions are, rightly or wrongly, of a more mundane affair, for instance about how much money they can make or if they will get married, and they are persistent with that line of questioning (journey to find an answer to that), then that is what they will eventually end up discovering more about. But if their questions are of a more deeply profound nature, such as, what is the true nature of reality and the universe, or what is Enlightenment and my True Self, then with persistence they will eventually discover those truths also.

In regards to spirituality and the source of our natures, the answer we will find through these questions will not ultimately be of a conceptual or intellectual nature, instead it will be experiential. After all, what good is a concept if it is not an experiential shift occurring within us? For instance, it is one thing to have a concept of what it means to be happy, but entirely another to actually BE happy, and this is the crux of the problem most people experience. Because most people are already full of many concepts and answers about themselves and life, and so all they would be doing is exchanging one concept for another concept. Neither which ultimately gets them closer to the Source of their natures.

From the moment people were born, and all through adult life, they have been bombarded and conditioned with informational answers and concepts of the world, of which most people take on, even if only at a subconscious level. These ‘answers’ form a paradigm of how they see themselves and the world, and so it is hard to have a natural curiosity and urge to question reality, if consciously or subconsciously they believe they already have all of the answers.

For example: someone may once have believed Santa Claus to be real, but as our understanding evolved, this view of the world, of course, dissolved. How things looked to you when you believed him to be real, vs how they looked afterwards, was quite different. But if that viewpoint was not shaken off, it would taint any new information or experiences that you received.

All great beings throughout history, including the enlightened beings, have had a natural curiosity of questions that arose out of the humble beginnings of knowing that they know very little. What this points to, is that before we can be successful on any journey of discovery, it is best that we at least suspend the conceptual answers that we might have already taken on from the past, maybe from reading other books or listening to other teachers, or even from our own defined experiences, otherwise, we might find that they become the very blocks that limit us from discovering something completely fresh, brand new and revolutionary about ourselves and the world.

If we can approach these questions with the balance of being open, critical and curious, as well as relaxing any preconceived notions, then this will serve us greatly in our exploration. It would be well worth us bearing this in mind when working with this method.

It is also advised to work with these questions one at a time, starting from the first to the last, and being as thorough as possible in your investigation. This is because the questions increase in depth, like pealing away the layers of an onion, to the core of who we really are. This is not about any right or wrong answers, and there are no trick questions, its instead about the exploration itself, that’s what’s important. Because the act of asking these questions is exactly what enables us to do the self inquiry work that will ultimately lead us to fresh and evermore deepening realizations each time we ask them. It is the process of discovery itself that does all of the transformative work, we just have to be willing.

Before working with these questions, it can be important for us to be as relax and clear as possible. So iv included this special written meditation that can be done before all, or any part of the discovery.

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