SEXUAL EXERCISE - Control Prana, Kundalini & Sexual Desire Energy For Self-Realization

August 5th 2019

Life is energy, it is prana, and prana energy is constantly moving, and seeks to express itself. It resides within all elements, and the elements within each human being. To move freely, it will choose the path of least resistance. Which means, it will express through the portals that are most prevalent and accessible within each being.

For instance, if like me, you are a naturally, highly sexual being, then that energy seeks to express through that channel. If you are a natural artist, then it seeks that avenue, and if you a ‘negative ninny’, then it will stream through the gates of negative thought. It will flow through whatever are the strongest tendencies within each being, because they are the most open channels. 

The average persons pranic energy is like a dripping tap, coming through in small consistent amounts, but when one pursues self-realization, or they are around the guru, or are awakened by life’s circumstances, then this energy comes flooding through like a broken dam. For this, we need to have a way of controlling and managing that energy once it hits, in order that it doesn’t manifest in destructive ways. 

Then, we can channel that energy into those things that we choose consciously, rather than those we are compulsively choosing unconsciously. 

Enter – the ‘Root-Pressure‘ practice for HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

With this practice, we can control and move, pranic, kundalini and sexual energy up the spine, for higher consciousness, intelligence, health, vitality and even self-realization. 

'Root Pressure' Instructions & Explanation

1) Find a comfortable seated position, seated on a chair, or in the easy pose position like myself (as shown to the right). Make sure your back is straight, but comfortable. You can sit on a cushion or block, as this will help elevate your hips, and therefore help you to keep your back as straight as possible. This is to allow the energy to flow through your spine with ease.

2) Start off with correct, long slow deep breathing. Pulling in as much pranic energy from the air. When you breath in, allow your stomach to protrude outwards, and when you breath out, contract your stomach inwards. (See image to the right).

Most people do ‘reverse-breathing’. That means that they are breathing in the opposite manner shown in the right-hand diagram. 

3) Now take the Venus lock mudra position (as shown in the image to the right), which is a mudra that stimulates sexual energy. It is symbolized by the planet Venus which is associated with the energy of sensuality and sexuality. The mudra channels the sexual energy and promotes glandular balance. It also brings the ability to focus or concentrate easily if you rest it in your lap while in a meditative posture. To form the mudra, place the palms facing each other. Interlace the fingers with the left little finger on the bottom. Put the left thumb tip on the webbing between the thumb and index finger of the right hand. The tip of the right thumb presses the fleshy mound at the base of the left thumb. Thumb positions are reversed for women and the right little finger goes on the bottom.

4) Now, for men, place your focus at the perineum, between the genitals and anus, and for women, place your focus at the area surrounding the base of the cervix. 

This is where our most primal energy begins, also at the base of the spine. Within the spine is all of the most important energy. When one is sexually aroused, this vital energy moves down from the spine into the reproductive organs. Ready to pass on for the creation of the next human life.

But when this energy is not being used, it can also be moved up back into the spine from the sexual organs. 

5) Now pump all the air out of your lungs,  focusing on a few rapid exhales, pulling the stomach in on each out breath. Then hold the breath fully out. Now gently squeeze…the throat lock first, then solar lock and finally root lock, all back to back without any gap, and hold for as long as feels natural, without strain. Make sure your back stays straight.

6) Then when you feel ready to breath in, release all 3 locks, starting with the root lock, then the solar and finally the throat, and at the very same time, gently breath in through the nose, visualizing and feeling the energy and breath moving up the spine towards the third eye, whilst slow raising your head up to the sky with your eyes still closed.

7) Slowly bring your head back down to level, and that’s one succession of the practice. Now either repeat the exercise, or sit there with eyes close, in meditation, non-judgmentally noticing any changes within your experience. 

You can repeat anywhere from 2-3 rounds to begin with.


You must not practice if you suffer from any of these conditions: heart disorder, high or low blood pressure, hernia, stroke, intestinal or stomach ulcer, in case you are recovering from a visceral ailment.

Must be avoided by pregnant women as well as during menstruation.

Practice Benefits

1) Influences the secretion of the hormones released by the pineal gland.

2) Stimulates the functioning of the whole endocrine system.

3) Revitalize each and every cell in the body.

4) May slow down aging and degenerative process.

5) Prepares the mind for deeper meditative practices.

6) Leads to the activation of 3 chakras associated with three bandha. That is Vishuddhi Chakra, Manipura Chakra and Muladhara Chakra.  

7) Allows you to control and master sexual, Kundalini and life-force energy.

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