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Take The Journey One Step Further (Paid Content)

The Secret Self Books

Christopher has written two books published in 2016 and 2018 on Amazon.com. The Secret Self books take you step by step into the deep liberating depths of Spiritual Awakening and Inner Freedom. Covering the topics of Self-Realization and Non-duality in order to gain lasting peace, joy, freedom, love, bliss, ecstasy and infinite existence!

The Secret Self – A Practical Guide To Spiritual Awakening And Inner Freedom

This book is a MUST for all serious Spiritual Seekers and those wishing to experience more joy and peace in their life.

How would you feel if you discovered that everything you truly wanted in life was already accessible deep within you—or that all the treasures and answers to life’s burning questions come from the discovery of who you really are, in the depths of your being?

What if you could live in the moment without stress, worry or fear of the future, and without pain from the past? What if you could end all internal suffering and be at peace always? What if you could find the key to everlasting joy and happiness?

This book is a simple and practical ‘how to’ guide, to instigate your own Spiritual Awakening and your life’s purpose. Within this book lie the teachings and practices that will lead you to discover the magic of the Secret Self within and all of the beauty and wonder it brings.

This life-changing guide will take you step-by-step through the process of Spiritual Awakening and Inner Freedom, whilst you gain wisdom and insight about the secrets of life, death, human nature, meditation and happiness, leading to the ultimate discovery along the journey—that of who you really are.

  • Up to 150 Spiritual Practices, Meditations, Processes, Methods, Introspection’s & Contemplation’s for Inner Awakening
  • Up to 50 Inspirational Spiritual Stories both Ancient & New
  • Up to 120 Powerful Spiritual Quotes
  • A complete Guide to Spiritual Awakening & Inner Freedom from beginning to end. A step-by-step process to Self Realization & Liberation

We highly recommend this book to get introduced with Christopher’s work!

Embodying The Secret Self – Meditations For Self-Realization And Tranquillity In Daily Living


This book is a MUST for advanced Spiritual Seekers! Whether you are just starting out on the Spiritual Path or have been a Spiritual Seeker for years, this book will give you the Methods and Information to take your spiritual journey to the next level!

This book will guide you step by step to bring Meditation and Self Realization into the heart of your daily living experience, and create a life of Undisturbed Peace & Tranquillity!

Following on from the original book ‘The Secret Self – A Practical Guide To Spiritual Awakening And Inner Freedom’, this more concise work gives you entirely new practices and knowledge to turn every area of your life into a meditative one. Supporting your spiritual growth, insight and practice in preparation for the final goal of Self Realization and Spiritual Liberation.

Want to take Enlightenment and Liberation to its peak? Then we greatly advise this book!

Herbal Supplementation to Support you on the Transformational Path

To help you get to your destination, your going to need quality fuel for the journey. Christopher has personally sourced a professional supplier of the best herbal supplement ranges he has ever experienced. Ranging all the way from Ashwagandha to Super Greens, Herbal Proteins to Herbal Weight-loss Formulas, only the best synergistic supplements have been chosen to bring you the Optimum Health and Vitality you deserve to Power your journey ahead. 

A food supplement alone won’t turn you into the ‘Eternal Creator’, but it will give you super-charged wellness and energy in order to master your chosen transformational teachings. Our bodies are the vehicles through which we experience our whole lives, and so a healthy body full of dynamic energy and pleasant feelings will enrich our state of experience exponentially! Keeping us in a high vibration!

Plus, by making our supplements an addition to your lifestyle, we both win. You get a great product that will help to bring you to the peak of physical health, and we, through your support, can continue to expand our operation to generate for you more Free content!

To Super-Charge your health, check out our Herbal Supplement Range

Talks, Workshops & Retreats

This is generally where the real transformations happen for people! When many beings of a ‘like-mind’ meet together, with similar intent, truly remarkable transformations occur within that shared energy and vibration! Essentially, at these gatherings, people of a matching vibration all converge together for the purpose of inner exploration, freedom, truth and empowerment! The effects are positively explosive! Christopher mainly holds talks, workshops and retreats in the UK & US, but will be including EUROPE soon too. Prices can vary depending on location and time-frame. But all events are made as affordable as possible to include all. The best way to stay informed about up and coming events, is to subscribe to the FREE Newsletter below. 

See you on the other side!

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