About these Self-Realization meetings

Welcome everyone!

We join together online via zoom (free to join here – https://zoom.us/freesignup/) once a week on Thursdays at 7pm (UK time), and you also have the opportunity to attend an in-person meeting, one (1) Thursday every month, to “Meet In Truth” (Satsang) for the purpose of directly realizing and embodying your True-Self.

Here is the zoom meeting link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3588895170?pwd=ekdESjIwSlR6bnFqQUdqcnpkcmhnUT09

Click Here to see the Self-Realization Meetings Schedule (UK time). Please be sure to check you own time zone.​ Please arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the session begins. There is limited parking so please park considerately, and allow time to find a parking space. ​
The password to join the meeting is realize

Please note that by joining the Self-Realization Meetings live you are agreeing to all the conditions detailed on the Information page on the website. Click Here to read. Please note the finishing time of each meeting may vary.

​If you would like to ask a question but don’t want to ask it personally over Zoom, please use the Contact form on the Contact page or at christopherjaismith@gmail.com. Please state the question is for the Self-Realization Meeting and it will be read out anonymously by Christopher in the meeting. We cannot guarantee that all questions will be read out. 

~ The Purpose Of These Meetings ~

To help each participant have a glimpse of their True-Self beyond the egoic-mind-identity. Also to permanently shift into the direct-experience of their True-Self and be able to live as that constantly in daily life. To help each participant find freedom from inner-suffering and connect to lasting inner-peace.

To give participants a space to meet with others who are interested in exploring Self-realization and want to connect together in conscious-presence.

~ Who These Meeting Are For ~

These meetings are for people of all levels of experience, curious, interested or serious about Self-realization and the Spiritual Path.

For anyone who wants to directly experience the True-Self, and discern between the real and unreal.

Who want to explore more about the nature of True-Self, ego-identity, unhappiness, inner-peace and much more.

Who want to be in a supportive environment for Self-realization/Spiritual Awakening.

~ The Format Of These Meetings ~

These meetings are generally 1 and a half to 2 hours in length (7pm start UK time).

I begin with a welcome and introduction talk about the format of these meetings and how you can best use them for maximum benefit for Self-realization.

Everyone is then invited into meditation or “silent-sitting” (sometimes guided).

I then give a talk/discourse on a particular aspect of Self-realization, finishing with an invitation for participants to either work with a practice, or explore a question or pointer through Self-Inquiry.

I then encourage participants (only if they want to) to share their experiences of the talk, practice, question or pointer, or ask any questions they have, or get any clarifications or confirmations they feel they need!

It can also be very useful to listen to the experiences and questions of others.

~ Extra Important Notes ~

These meetings take place in a non-judgmental space, where everyone is welcome to open up without being personally judged.

These meetings are recorded, and may be used for other platforms such as YouTube to help others that can’t attend.

There are also opportunities to attend Self-realization retreats (That happen every 2-3 months). See the home page of the website here – https://www.christopherjaismith.com/

These meetings are completely free, but you are welcome to give a donation if you feel these meetings are providing value for you. See this link here – https://www.christopherjaismith.com/show-your-support/

If this sounds like the right meeting for you, then I warmly welcome you and look forward to meeting you there!

With respect,


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