Remain In Unbroken Peace

Unbroken peace is the lasting natural state that is always present within us, under the surface level of all thoughts.

When we go beyond the mental disturbances of the programmed mind, we return to this sense of inherent underlining peace at the substratum level of our being. It is a sense of being free from the world of constant addictive thinking. The kind of thinking that is always in relation to the circumstances we experience in life, both in the ‘so called’ external and internal world’s. Thinking about what has been and gone, and what may potentially be in the morrow. Or even restlessly trying to interpret the circumstances of the present.

As we are moving along the path of self-realization, part of what we want to directly experience, is this deep sense of lasting inner peace. This is good to experience, because lasting inner peace, independent of circumstances, is one of the accurate measurements of our spiritual progress. It shows us that we are able to disengage from the restless thoughts of the ego/separate-self, as well as from the so called external world that our mind is often reacting and deliberating about. It is the peace that arises without reliance upon situational circumstances. It is the peace that just constantly ‘is’.

Notice I said ‘disenage’ and not to have ‘no thoughts’ at all. The mind will always have thoughts on some level, no matter how subtle. Thoughts in themselves are not the problem. So the aim is not to have a silent mind, that will come naturally at times by itself, it is to disengage by not getting distracted from your natural sense of existence in the present.

Stay As You Are

It is the identification with our mind that always makes us want to put our attention in thoughts and believe in them. Hence the distraction from our innate peace.

The distraction, which takes our attention away from who we are now in the present and leads us to think about yesterday or tomorrow, is the compulsion to constantly jump on the train of thoughts whizzing around in our heads.

It is like an actual train at the platform ready to go, and we are being called and tempted to get on the train. Instead of jumping on the train, we could just stay on the platform and let the train leave by itself.

We could just say “no thank you” and ‘stay as we are’, keeping our attention on our natural sense of existence in the moment.

Keep Your Attention On The Platform Of Your Existence

It is a common problem the spiritual seeker will inevitably encounter at some time or another. They often taste this lasting peace, maybe directly experiencing it for long periods, then it seems to be ripped away from them through distraction of the mind. But the truth is, our presence-energy, or the natural sense of existence, is always already there. It never leaves us, it only appears to leave us if we have allowed our attention to become absorbed in thinking. Instead, we can bring our attention to this platform of presence at the base of our being right now.

Right now, can you be aware of this presence-energy within the body, that is grounded in the present, beyond the movement of regular thoughts?

Presence Prior To Perspective

All day long the mind is throwing up many different perspectives, catergarising what it sees, imagines and remembers. But if we can see that before the perspective arises there is a dimension of ‘presence’ within us, then we can turn our attention towards this ‘Presence Prior To Perspective’, and allow ourselves to rest and relax in the natural sense of it. This ‘presence-energy’ is the aliveness of our whole being.

This substratum of our being, is always in the present. Not subject to time, and it is the lasting foundation that remains while thoughts are constantly appearing and disappearing on surface.

So the next time you become aware that your mind is throwing up perspectives in the form of thoughts, don’t fight them, that only makes them stronger. Only the mind fights the mind, and you can guess who wins that battle! But also don’t be tempted to be led by them either. Just keep your attention upon the ‘Presence Prior To Perspective’ at the base of your being, in the present. It is the natural sense of existence and energy in your body, the presence that is underneath the appearance of everyday thoughts. Rest and relax into that presence for a few moments at a time. Feel the peace that is present in presence. See and feel it’s effortless nature. Simply stay where you are and don’t go jumping on any trains….of thought, at least not for NOW!

All my love & respect. Christopher Jai xxx

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