"From a young age I always had this sense of unlimited potential. I would find it strange how people would limit themselves by believing and imagining things that I could see were not real" - Christopher Jai Smith

A word about Christopher Jai Smith, by Jacqueline Hall – 

My experience with Christopher has been a unique one, on the one hand he can be extremely quiet, exuding a potent relaxed presence of tranquility and compassion, then the next moment he can fill the room with a powerful ecstatic energy of playfulness, and still at other times he can seem very serious and focused. In his own words, ‘it is our true nature to be flexible to whatever the moment requires’. He knows that we all have the ability within us to be truly adaptable. He equates this to be one of our greatest ‘superpowers’ within the ‘human life experience’, and as us being an expression of our true nature as Eternal-Non-Physical-Consciousness. He says by harnessing this power – all things are possible!

“People have allowed themselves to be shaped and moulded by society, to the point where they have become in-authentically rigid, suppressed, and then not able to be their flexible selves. Essentially, people have allowed themselves to live a lie.” – Christopher Jai Smith

As a toddler Christopher displayed an unusual demeanor of emptiness, often being called ‘nobody’s child’, which he laughs about. From a young age he had a certain spark of aberrant awareness that allowed him to see various transparent formations of the same energy within or outside of objects. This coupled with a rebellious nature, made him constantly question and explore the ‘consensus’ nature of things, as well as having a sense of ‘no-limits’. This was partly encouraged due to his early exposure to the martial arts, which gave him strong discipline, and long regular discussions with a family related spirit-medium, who used to converse with an awakened entity they called ‘the old man’. This left him fascinated about exploring the nature of conspiracies, ufo’s, aliens, ghosts, reincarnation, empowerment, spirituality and enlightenment.  

To find out a little more about Christopher’s journey, watch the 2017 interview with Conscioustv, where he openly shares some of his experiences.

Later, after some years in the British Army, living abroad, and competing up and down the country in martial arts matches, he experienced a number of internal and external challenges, which then led him to seek the truth of real power and freedom more intensely. 


At the age of 21, Christopher had his first noticeable awakening of consciousness. He directly experienced the ‘true nature and allness of reality’. In his own words he says: “My range of vision shifted to an almost full panoramic view of everything around me, no longer in a tunnel-vision-like state, my point of attention shifted, as if i had moved ‘back’, to bring everything into a greater clarity of focus. Like an aperture opening wider, i realize now, that consciousness did not expand, but that the brain fully activated to allow more consciousness in, to be directly experienced!”.

That initial taste of limitlessness left him experiencing a life full of unbroken peace, freedom, love, joy, bliss and ecstasy, which has enveloped his life ever since.  

“I energetically shifted beyond perceptual experience and dissolved as a separate being, merging with the allness of form and formlessness. The sense of limited ownership was replaced by pure boundlessness.” – Christopher Jai Smith

Growing up he would often find himself in teacher and leadership roles, mainly in the areas of martial arts and physical training. He seemed to have the ability to guide in a simple and concise way, whilst always being eager to lead by example. Martial art matches were one of the ways he was able to lead by example, promoting self-control through unwavering focus, detachment, involvement, and mental & physical relaxation in challenging circumstances. 

After his initial awakening, he found that people would, spontaneously, gravitate towards him to share their personal life difficulties. This is where he discovered that he had an ability to help guide people back to a place of inner peace and contentment. At that time, he often guided people with the language of more traditional zen and yogic roots, and by pointing people back to what he called – Presence Prior To Perspective. Being inspired by the need of people to be free from inner distress, he felt guided to share his findings online.

“It was only after the shift beyond perception, that I truly realized the power of perception itself as a mechanism to enhance and create our life experience. Only in the awakening from the perceptual dream of separation, could waking-life dreams truly be created consciously at will” – Christopher Jai Smith

Since this time up to the present date, Christopher has been diligently refining his guidance into concise teachings for fast powerful effect, making them practical and relate-able to anyone, from any background, spiritual or secular, old or young, or on the progressive or instantaneous paths of transformation. One of his aims has been to offer a practical, simple, potent and coherent set of teachings, that merge the goal of all the complex spiritual systems into one, for the benefit and convenience of each truth seeker. Saving them years, and even a lifetime, of seeking. He feels that at this time of human evolution, more than ever, every being should have the ability to access what is already rightfully theirs as a standard! That is their true natures of – empowerment, enlightenment and liberation. Only then, he knows, will humanity have the chance for rapid advancement and universal expansion. What he teaches can be approached from any angle or order, and benefit can be extracted working with the teachings synergistically as well as individually. 

“When we see and directly experience ALL as ONE, unconditional love and allowance becomes natural”. – Christopher Jai Smith


Christopher’s Core Ideal and Message – Realize and Become the ETERNAL CREATOR!

He says: “As we realize and become the Eternal Creator, we discover everlasting freedom, ecstasy and the power to responsibly, cleanly and deliberately create our world! If we only realize the eternal and not the creator, we are free but lame, and if we think we can create without the eternal, then we have no potent power to choose our creation. Only when these came together was Existence manifested from the SOURCE!” 

Radically Unorthodox Teachings

Due to his specific core message, Christopher’s approach is uniquely different from most other teachers, and often controversial, because he teaches the message, systems and methods that combine, often, two opposing paths. One path is that of self-realization & non-duality, the way of discovering your true nature and realizing that a ‘separate person’ does not exist, that only one eternal intelligence is real. Which is to say that life is nondual (one) not dual (two). With this, often comes the idea of ‘predetermination’, that there is no free-will, because there are no separate beings in existence to have any real choice. Christopher strongly differs on the last point, because he sees that ‘eternal consciousness’ itself is the driving force, choice maker and creator in each individual expression. Enter path number two: The second path that teachers often promote is the idea of ‘you create your reality’, that the individual person is the creator, and has the ability to have free-will choice to shape and change their thoughts, feelings and circumstances. These often come in the form of ‘law of attraction’ style teachings. Christopher also opposes this path, stating that an individual person cannot have true free-will choice to create, only eternal consciousness has the power to create our reality purposefully. He states: “Only when we ‘step back’ from the ‘separate self’ into ‘eternal consciousness’ can we truly have a moment to choose freely and deliberately. All else is fated. It is the way of simply realizing and becoming the Eternal Creator!” And so you will often find Christopher sharing teachings that can seem contradictory to each other, but which are actually complementary to our true nature as the Eternal Creator. 

Originality Teachings

He also emphasizes the importance of authenticity and originality, saying, that we have allowed society to be structured in such a way to suppress our true natural innate desires from being expressed, resulting in most people living a lie for the duration of their lives. Quote: “People have programmed ‘self-imposed-limitations’ that stop them from expressing the life they wish to experience. This creates an oppressed unhappy individual that feels their life is essentially a waste. Always doing what they think they ‘should’ do, or what is most ‘safe’, rather than listening to their true hearts calling.”


In Christopher’s individual life, whilst travelling, he can be found doing a range of physical activities like hiking, swimming, rock climbing, mountain biking, running, practicing martial arts, inner disciplines, cold exposure work, as well as reading, training the brain and embarking on new courses and endeavors. All with meditative focus.  

He truly wishes to exhibit what he teaches, that of  ‘no-limits’ and of being a fully fledged human expression of eternal consciousness. Showing the movement of the formless in all forms, or as he calls it ‘Stillness In Motion‘.  

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Christopher’s vision is to make all ‘truth seeker’ paths, and the human collectives path, quicker, easier and more enjoyable, allowing them to have all of the right tools for total life-transformation. To save people decades, and even lifetimes, of sifting through hundreds of different spiritual and transformational systems in order to find what works best. He does not feel people should have to spend all their lives searching for what is ultimately, naturally and rightfully already theirs, which is freedom, peace, joy, bliss, ecstasy and empowerment. He does not wish to take away anyone’s respective paths, but only to enhance, speed-up and make it a more enjoyable one along the way. He wishes for this experiential knowledge to be encouraged at birth by our societies for the betterment of humanity. 

With people’s readiness and willing, he wishes to help all individuals and the human collective, achieve liberation & empowerment. Resulting in world peace, prosperity, basic sustainability, super intelligence, love and compassion. Readying humanity for travel and contact beyond the earth, and for us to be an inspirational example to all other species in the universe. These are big visions, but Christopher has always looked into the future, whilst being aware it is created in the present, to have a grand optimistic direction for humanity.   

Christopher says: “In order to truly transform our world, in both the so called ‘inner’ and ‘outer’, we need to be people of ‘our time’, in the modern world, and show the masses an example of a better more evolved way of living. Displaying that to know oneself, and being empowered from that knowing, makes us more joyful and responsible creators of our world.” – Christopher Jai Smith



Christopher has three fundamental systems of teaching in which he guides us back to our true nature as the Infinite Creator. 

The Self-Realization – Awakening Teachings – bring you to the direct experience of ‘reality as it is’ beyond the restless time-based mind. Often referred to as the ‘Presence Prior To Perspectives’, and going further as the ‘Consciousness Prior To Presence’.

The Non-Duality – Enlightenment Teachings – take you beyond the sense of being a separate and limited identity, and into the reality of ONENESS, or ‘Consciousness As ALLNESS’.

The Life-Actualization – Creating Your Reality Experience Teachings – allow you to choose and create the type of life you would rather experience for the benefit of all. 

Christopher gives out as much free teaching material as possible, as well as paid material for the continued support of the free material. These come in the forms of the free newsletter, videos, articles and talks. As well as paid retreats, books, products and online courses which he has been offering for the last 10 years. (See the services page for more on these). Christopher is internationally known, holding talks and retreats in the US and UK. His aim is to positively transform, inspire, empower, awaken, enlighten and free the individual, and entire world population, for the purpose of rapid human advancement, sustainability, world peace and true fulfillment. 

Christopher continues to evolve and refine his teachings to reach as many people from different walks of life as possible. What i know is that if you want to enhance your own journey and discovery, Christopher’s teachings are a fast track to real positive transformation! Jacqueline Hall

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