About Christopher

Christopher speaks about the “Awakening” of “Natural Intelligence”, which is always-already present, when it is not obscured by the programmed sense of self that creates the sorrow and self limitations we inwardly experience.

In his early life he had number of distinct childhood insights on the nature of belief, self and society. Then, after a number of life challenges, and an intense seeking for freedom, he had his first noticeable awakening experience at age 21. Whilst sat in a church yard, there was a direct experience of ‘personally’ disappearing. This shift created a cessation of ‘self’, ‘ownership’ and ‘doership’. This loss remained and he found himself in a sense of lasting “Awakened-Happiness” (as he now terms it). He found that this ‘Awakened-Happiness’ is our natural state, when not being blocked by the sorrow of ‘ownership’, ‘doership’ and ‘self’.

At this time, he found that people would, spontaneously, gravitate towards him to share their personal life difficulties. This is where he discovered that he had an ability to talk people out of programmed perceptions. His message is that natural intelligence is always present, but it is stifled by the programmed nature of the illusory ‘self-perception’.

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