One On One Retreat Program With Christopher At His Home


Christopher understands that not everyone can afford to attend a retreat. He also understands that a spiritual aspirant needs to fully immerse themselves in spiritual training, in order to be established in Self-realization. It is not uncommon, that people may attend retreats, or start practicing spirituality on their own, and then the circumstances of their life, and commitments, take them over. They then lose their spiritual practice momentum and clarity, and feel as though they are stuck, or even going backwards. 

So because of this, he wants to give the most dedicated of aspirants a chance to deepen their search and process on the path. Christopher’s living situation has recently changed, and so now he will once again be opening his doors to work closely with those who are most dedicated to their spiritual growth, on the path of Self-realization. 

Mentorship/Discipleship meaning: Mentor and disciple are two sides of the same coin, they both require each other for a beneficial relationship of the practitioner to flourish. Quite simply, the word disciple comes from the root word for ‘discipline’. This means, one who is willing to learn and implement the teachings and methods provided by the mentor. In today’s busy modern world, finding time for spiritual life and practice can be very difficult. With so many distractions coming from our environment, and being bombarded by so much information on a daily basis, making the time and creating the right environment can feel near on impossible.

The truth is, if someone wishes to really excel on the spiritual path, they must firstly make the time for 100% dedication, and secondly they will at some point or another, need a realized teacher to traverse through the deeper levels of Self-realization, thus reaching Liberation. 

It has been said, by the ancients, that the path to Self-realization is like walking the razors edge of a mountain. As we get closer to the top, for freedom, the path becomes more treacherous and difficult to navigate. A guide who has walked the path, can guide us past the pitfalls and hurdles we will encounter. 

This option, is for those beings who are less work and action orientated in the world, and wish to break free from society and concentrate more fully on the ‘inner’ path of Self-realization (knowledge, meditation, inquiry and satsang). 

If you gravitate towards Christopher and his teachings, and wish to explore deeper, and embody them, then he would be honored to meet and guide such a being. He allows students to stay with him from a minimum of 3 days, but they can also stay for 5 days or 7 days depending upon the individuals wishes.

In this position a recommended donation will be asked to cover food, energy and Christopher’s time/energy to your Self for those daily periods. Christopher will be giving you his full time and commitment over those days. This will range from £150 – £400 depending upon the length of time you stay. (This will be discussed in further detail after the application process). Be reminded that this is much more affordable than a regular retreat, and you will also be getting full time with Christopher to yourself rather than it being spread amongst many other aspirants.

To apply for this position, please email – stating your intent, why you have that intent, then more information will be sent to you! Thank you.



To be a volunteer, as a spiritual practice, is to serve for a higher cause, selflessly. Through such ancient systems, like ‘karma yoga’ (selfless service), it has been revered as one of the paths to Self-realization and liberation. This path serves greatly for those beings who are more work and action orientated. When we serve selflessly (without expectation of personal gain), we have a practice that can take us in to full Self-realization, and therefore the goal of life, liberation. 

Christopher’s Mission

The truth is, at heart, Christopher is not a business man, nor is he a marketer, he is a mystic and guide of the Self-realization path. This is what he does best. But in today’s world, to reach the most people with the message of truth and freedom, you must implement business and marketing strategies. The more time Christopher spends on these things, the less time he has to create material, to guide people to what matters most, and to what creates the greatest change in peoples lives, and society in general.

Christopher’s aim is to help create a Utopian society of enlightened beings, that will radically change our world for the better. A world free from poverty and violence, where everyone works together for the benefit of the individual and collectives greater evolution. To do this, he needs other skilled and dedicated beings, who feel called towards the same selfless mission. 

It is by putting out this volunteer program, that he wishes to attract the right people for this mission. And so in that spirit and intent, there are several ways that you can help Christopher from his home.

If you are either a skilled writer, video editor, film maker, marketer, web designer or organizer, then you can help him create quality work and get it out to a wider audience, through his videos, books, events, website, courses and social media content, of which he releases on a weekly basis. (Or if you feel you have some other skills that will be beneficial, we would love to hear from you). 

While volunteering, you will also be able to take part in one to one, or group, spiritual training and guidance with Christopher. 

If you gravitate towards Christopher, his message and teachings, and wish to help him reach more people, then he would be honored to meet you and have you stay with him. He allows volunteers to stay with him from a minimum of 3 days, all the way to a long term commitment.

This position is completely free of charge, but monetary donations are welcome if you feel called.

To apply for this position, please email – stating your intent and more information will be sent to you! 

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