Meeting In True Nature - Online Gatherings

“Meeting In True Nature” online gathering Saturday’s (Next date to be confirmed…).

This is an “open meeting“, which means it is available to the general public of all levels and experience of awakening.

These meetings are an opportunity to be with each other, all meeting in a space of truth, to be in our true natures. Christopher guides toward the unconditioned “natural source of intelligence” within. Directing into the mystery and freedom that is always, already, present within the heart of each being. In our true natures we come together to dispel the unreal and be in the real.

Constant immersion in these meetings brings one closer to the absence of suffering and illusion, and an unending experience of your true eternal nature.  These meetings are on Saturday’s at 2pm – 4pm UK time.

Final Awakening

Christopher also holds smaller meetings called “End Of Path“, for those who feel ready for final awakening.

If you feel ready and are interested in attending the “End Of Path” meeting, then send an email to Christopher at – – and you will receive an email with information for that.


To secure your booking, press the “buy now” button and pay £7. You will then receive an email confirmation in the next 24hrs with more details about everything you need to know for the meeting! 

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