'Loving The ONE' Online Meeting

Free ‘Loving The ONE’ Online Meeting, on the Saturday the 12th of December at 3pm UK time (Please check your own time zone). Entirely Free, but donations are welcome.

Christopher speaks about “Loving The ONE” – How to align with life by including all things and life experiences into the singularity of the ONE (The Nature of all that IS and ISN’T. Nondual Life). ASK Christopher any relevant question in the Q&A segment after the session. If you would like to submit question early, you can email Christopher at – christopherjaimsith@gmail.com.

In this online-only format, participants join via Live Broadcast. Every Session is via Zoom (a different platform. You can freely download zoom here – https://zoom.us/freesignup/), where each participant has the opportunity to bring forward their burning questions.

Participating in this Online Meeting is a compelling invitation to all who are called to enquire the mystery within

This 2.5hr meeting is completely free.

However, if you would like to donate and support myself, then simply click on the donation button and enter whichever amount you would like to donate for this “Loving The ONE” Online Meeting.  You will then receive an email confirmation in the next 24hrs from myself with more details about the meeting.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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