Day Meeting

Inner Upheaval and Absolute Naturalness

Join Christopher for this online day meeting from Saturday the 5th of June.

Part 1 – Learn the process of “Natural-Inquiry” with 4 powerful questions to see the natural reality of what already is.

Part 2 – Unravelling the Illusion

In this online-only format, participants join via Live Broadcast. Every Session is via Zoom (a different platform. You can freely download zoom here –, where each participant has the opportunity to bring forward their burning questions.

Meeting Schedule

Saturday 5th of June:

11am – Meditation

11:30am – Opening talk with Christopher on “Natural-Inquiry”.

12pm – Practicing the 4 natural-inquiry questions

13:00pm – Q & A


15:30 – 16:30pm – Talk – “The Upheaval and Absolute Naturalness”

(Beyond awakening, the deconstructive process of the body, and the immortal nature of energy).

16:30 – 17:30pm – Q & A


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