Do you ever feel like your mind and emotions are up one moment and down the next?

Would you like to learn methods to manage your state of consciousness and change it at will?

If so, then the system of "Inner Alignment" will be invaluable to you!

When we are aligned within ourselves and all of our mind and energies are gathered together, we naturally develop an optimal state of wellbeing for our entire system. This creates for us a blissful state of consciousness and a body that is overflowing with energy! As a result we are able to be more productive and perform at our very best without stress.

The Inner Alignment system is a unique combination of Qigong, Yoga and Martial Arts style methods, along with breath, mind and emotional management techniques and Meditations practices. The aim of this system is to create harmony and balance within the body, nervous system and both hemispheres of the brain, whilst also paving the way for all transcendental experiences.

Christopher has been a martial artist for around 32 years, a black belt, an ex professional combat athlete, former personal trainer, spiritual author, spiritual retreat facilitator and has been practicing and studying various methods and systems of wellbeing, meditation and spirituality from around the world for over 18 years.

After all this time he has been mastering and perfecting the best of those skills and combining them into the “Inner Alignment” system, designed for total wellbeing, joy, focus and greater energy!

How To Get Started?

Please note: These online meetings are not a class, they are simply a “sharing” of methods from one individual to another.

All levels of experience are welcome to join these weekly online meetings (date to be announced soon!).

We join together online via zoom (download here for free –

What you need to participate in this sharing;

  • Zoom video application (see link above)
  • A space where you will be undisturbed.
  • A yoga mat or carpet that is comfortable to practice on.
  • A big enough space to comfortably move hands and legs and be able to lay down.
  • A webcam to see me on (you may have one already built into a computer or on your phone).
  • Ideally an empty stomach of at least 2 hours before practicing.
  • A warm environment, or at least warm and loose clothing.
  • A warm blanket.
  • A meditation cushion (although not necessarily needed to begin with).

Meeting Guidelines

Please note once again: These online meetings are not a class, they are simply a “sharing” of methods from one individual to another. By joining this meeting and partaking in the methods of your own volition, you agree to take all responsibility and liability for the result of the methods you choose to do.

Please follow these guidelines to the best of your ability as not to disturb others and also for yourself;

  • Please join the zoom meeting at least 5 minutes before the meeting begins at 7pm UK time (please note: people will not be admitted to the call after 7pm).
  • Please have your microphone on mute when entering the zoom meeting
  • A the end of each meeting I will give everyone the opportunity to speak or ask a few questions before the meeting finishes
  • Unlike most modern systems similar to this system, most of this meeting will be performed in silence unless there is something in particular that absolutely needs to be spoken. Basic instructions will be spoken (this is how the ancients performed these systems and there are a number of important reasons for this). So we ask that you do your best to participate whilst staying in outer (and inner if possible) silence.
  • The meeting will be in what’s called “focus mode”, that means you will only see the host on the screen and not other participants (this is to help each participant focus better).
  • If at any point you feel dizzy or faint, then we suggest that you stop whatever you are doing to rest, and to only begin again if or when you feel ready

Meeting Donations

These meetings are free and run by donation. A suggested donation of £5 per meeting is recommended.

You are welcome to donate for the month if that is easier (just be sure to leave a note letting me know).

Or if you prefer not to donate via PayPal, then simply email me here to arrange another method –

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