Important Information

Please take note of the following information for attending one of Christopher’s events:
  • We shall not be liable for any physical or psychological damage arising out of the use of the website or attending events.
  • Please don’t give out personal information as it is shared to YouTube and is available for anyone to watch.
  • ​Please don’t share any other student’s personal details that they may have shared in a closed session. Closed sessions are private and not available for others to access. To share anything from this is a breach of confidentiality. ​​
  • These conditions also apply to any Self-Realization Meetings
Please be aware that by joining any Self-Realization Meeting you are aware of and agree to the following.
  • Meeting recordings are uploaded to YouTube and Social Media. If you ask a question with the camera on, you are giving your permission to be on YouTube and Social Media.
  • ​To ask a question if you are not able to attend any Self-Realization Meeting, please use the contact form on the Contact page. Please state it is a question for whichever Self-Realization Meeting you are attending.
Using Zoom
  • To ask a question hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen, click on participants, click on the raise hand at the bottom of the list of participants.
  • Please mute yourself after your question is answered.
  • Christopher asks that you please keep questions concise and to the point.
  • The chat box on Zoom will not be monitored or replied to during or after any event.
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