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Retreat theme - Exploring the true nature of mind and living in the 'Fulfilled State'.

Are you interested in spirituality, enlightenment, psychology, well-being and/or nonduality? 

Do you still feel something is missing in your life, which leaves you feeling restless, dissatisfied and drained of energy at times?

These retreats are an opportunity to reconnect with your natural ‘fulfilled state’!

In 2008 something happened to my body which is ultimately impossible to convey. The nearest I can say is that the bodies energies were unshackled and preserved from the drainage and capture of human thought. Even though this state cannot be ultimately described, luckily it can be ‘progressively’ as well as ‘immediately experienced’ through specific means and methods.

Humanity has been operating through what we can call the ‘unfulfilled state’. This unfulfilled state is the experience of living through the entirety of humankinds generational collective memory and feeling energetically drained and unsatisfied. It is an unnatural condition where person’s energy is captured by the constant thought patterns of the human collective, passed on from generation to generation. This capture of constant generational memory and thought creates a dream-world experience of self-illusion which leads to stressful states, self-imposed limitations, repetitive cycles and energy loss.

The only way out of this capture is to return to the natural condition of the bodies energies which we can refer to as the ‘Fulfilled State’.  This fulfilled state is connected with every beings true inherent sovereignty. Just like a device being charged, it becomes available when we are able to tap into the non-physical Source within ourselves, and also for our body when we are able to minimize those things in the physical world that can drain the body’s vital energy.

Retreat Invitation

A Fulfilled Living Retreat is an opportunity to come together with those of similar intent to restore yourself to the fulfilled state and free yourself of all the impediments to that state. We explore those things that block the fulfilled state on a physical and psychological level.

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