Trinity Within The One - Lower Mind, Higher Mind & Infinite Source

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In this article I would like to share with you the model that I use to intellectually understand the mechanics of reality. In later articles we will go into much more detail, adding extra elements and dimensions that are included within this model, and also tying in the core of my work which is focused on Source-Realization and Soul-Empowerment. But for now in this article we will keep it simple, by sticking to the core fundamentals of reality. I call this model “Trinity within the One”.

Before we get into what the “Trinity within the One” model looks like, let me first explain why its extremely useful to have this model in mind.

Why This Model?

Many of us know that the ultimate reality of life cannot be known conceptually and intellectually, and so please don’t confuse this model for actual “reality” (only direct-experience will do for that), but there is some merit to this model, and the merit is for your mind, or more accurately your “Higher-Mind”, which we will speak about shortly.

You see, without a mind you would not be able to function in this so called “physical dimension”. The question is…which mind?

Many spiritual teachers speak about “no-mind” and going “beyond-mind” (including myself), and this is very much a requirement for Source-realization, however, its also true to say that you cannot completely get rid of a “mind”. The “mind” we cannot get rid of is the “Higher-Mind”, but we can get rid of the “Lower-Mind”.

Now before we look at the difference between the two minds, lets first briefly list the three components of “Trinity within the One” model for context, and then we will go into more detail of each aspect.

  1. Source (Infinite)
  2. Higher-Mind (Soul)
  3. Physical World (Including Lower-Mind).

Simple enough right?

The good news is that its easy to remember, and helps greatly in navigating the model, because there is nothing like confusion to add more to the confusion that most people are already experiencing in the field of the spiritual sciences (so much information!).

Now let us take a little time to break down each element in detail. But before we do, I think it is only right that you first know where I am actually getting this knowledge from!

Sources Of This Knowledge

You know, its possible to know all the secrets of the universe by simply exploring within yourself. Your body is a microcosm of the macrocosm, and so “as above, so below”, which is to say that your body contains the whole universe within it, quite literally! 

Once you “know yourself” from your origin to your creation , there is nothing that you cannot know about the universe and its Source.

In “knowing Yourself” you see reality “as it is” through direct-experience of it, as opposed to the secondhand experience that the Lower-Mind perceives.  So herein lies the first and most important source of all knowledge…direct-experience.

  1. Direct-experience

Imagine that you had never drunk alcohol before in your life, and that I am trying to explain to you precisely how it tastes and what if feels like when you are drunk, would you be able to truly know exactly what I am speaking about? No, you can’t, you could only possibly try your best to compare it to something else that you have experienced, right?

And so that’s exactly the point, we must have direct-experience of something (without interference from concepts) to truly “know” it, otherwise we can only go based on someone else’s second-hand experience, and/or just mere descriptions and information. It is like being at a restaurant reading the menu and thinking that you know the dishes. Only the taste of the dishes will do!

Another analogy is that of standing at the top of a skyscraper. When you look out the window of the very first floor, you can only see the immediate streets and buildings around you, go a few floors higher and now you can see beyond those building and more streets. Go to the very top and now you can see the whole city. In the direct-experience of Source one can see all the levels within it that sprang from the Source.

In regards to Source-realization, the only way to know it is through direct-experience of it. No book, scripture, video, teaching or past experience will do. Only direct-experience in the present will suffice. For this to be the case, it means that a permanent shift has happened where a being becomes established in the Source. As I have spoken about in the 2017 interview I did with Conscioustv, that’s what happened to me in 2008. I shall not go into the details here, but you can watch the interview here if you would like to find out more about that.

So the first and most important source of this knowledge comes from direct-experience and contact with reality. Through direct-experience of Source the powers of discernment become razor sharp, and all illusions can be cut through. Like seeing the final image of a jigsaw puzzle, you can more easily discern what pieces fit the picture where, and where they don’t. Thus in the same way, from direct-experience, a discernment of knowledge between what is truth and illusion becomes available.

2. Informational Field

I am making it a point of late to share more about myself and background, because if you are to trust the teachings I present here and moving forward, then you need to know that they are coming from an authentic source. Rarely do you hear me speak of astrology, but for this context I feel it is necessary. I was born into the astrological energies of an Aquarian-Pisces cusp with a Sagittarius rising (2/22). According to astrology, this cusp is known as the “cusp of sensitivity”, and is regarded as the most spiritually sensitive cusp in the zodiac. Why do I mention this? Well because the second largest portion of knowledge I share is from intuitive downloads that I receive from feeling the collective consciousness and the universal energies that come onto the planet. In addition to this, one of the traits of the Sagittarius energy is that of sharing truth and knowledge. I chose these aspects before I was born because I knew these energies would assist me in playing my part to help in Mankind’s transition from the age of Pisces (illusion) to Aquarius (Truth) (hence the Aquarius-Pisces cusp and Sagittarius rising).

In addition, after the shift to Source happened by Grace, I gained access to what I call the “Informational Field”. This universal library is accessible to us all, and we can receive downloads by simple processes involving inner silence and invocation. Ask and you will receive, but you also have to be quiet enough to listen to the message (I will make more videos about how to do this in the future).

So the piecing together of this knowledge and others that I share partly comes from this ability. Let me make it clear; I am not special in any regard, my whole message is to remind you that you also have these powers and to remind you of who you are as Source.

3. Scriptural & Philosophical Study

After the shift happened, everything changed. My body changed, my mind changed and even my voice changed. I had so many new words that I was flooded with. Because of this extreme change, people around me wanted to know what had happened, maybe more out of concern than actual interest (only that kind of reaction could happen in the western societies haha). After doing my best to explain to them what happened, confusion seemed to be more of the common response. This is where I realized the importance of having an actual framework to communicate with. This created a curiosity to see if this had happened to anyone else. You must understand that I had no real concept of awakening beyond this point. I didn’t read books or have the internet, and I wasn’t involved in any religion or group.

This naturally led me to books from original sources, like the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and others. As I read these books I realized that they explained more clearly what I had directly-experienced in Source-realization. I now have a love of wisdom and read often.

So the third source of the knowledge of what I share, and will be sharing in this model, is largely backed up by these sources and others.

Ok, so let’s jump into the “Trinity within the One” model. (Note: I will be hosting a workshop on this model, illustrated on the whiteboard, on February the 26th. See this link here).

  1. Source 

I use a circle to depict Source, and this circle contains the other two aspects of the Trinity within it. Source is eternal (timeless), infinite (never-ending or beginning). Source is all-pervading, meaning it is contained in “every-thing” and “no-thing”. It is both changeless but also has apparent change occurring within it, which is the change of the universe (the physical plane)

Source has never been born, nor will it ever die. It is immortal, all knowing and omnipresent. It has no shape or appearance, and nothing can harm or destroy it. Source existed before all light, energy and matter. It is an intelligence that is way beyond the minds ability to comprehend. Source is nondual in nature because it is one, not two, and yet in contains the appearances of an unmanifest Soul and manifest Universe.

Sources purpose is to increase the complexity and expansion of the Universe, and to experience all that the Universe has to offer.

2. Higher Mind (Soul)

Every being that is physically incarnated has a Soul and Higher Mind. To be able to experience the physical dimension, Source requires an individualized energy body that can incarnate into a physical form. Because Source is infinite in nature, it cannot fully occupy a finite form, and so it uses the Soul for that purpose.

This Soul is the animating force of the body and is the “I-AM Presence” that can be felt. The Higher Minds purpose is to guide us towards freedom and evolution whilst incarnated. When you get the intuitive sense to do something, its the Higher Mind that is communicating that to you. When you have a deep sense of “conscience”, this is the Higher Mind letting you know that the choice you are about to make or have already made, is not in alignment with freedom, evolution and the greater good of all (the Universes expansion as a whole).

3. Physical World (Lower-Mind)

The physical plane is constantly changing, and every form has a finite existence. The physical plane is a constant flux of everchanging energy and matter. Our bodies are part of the physical plane and are also constantly changing. The body is the lower-mind consisting of memory, intellect and identity. The body inevitably takes on programming and gets conditioned (which is all a form of memory).

The lower-minds priority is survival of the body. It secretly fears death and the death of it’s identity. It is biologically programmed in it’s DNA to procreate and continue the species. Through programming it also seeks pleasure and control over others in an attempt to get more, in order to hold onto life. Feeling like a separate organism from the whole, its purpose is to possess as many things as possible to try and maintain its existence.

The Higher-Mind-Soul, forgetting its true nature, get’s entangled and identified with the physical world and lower-mind, and this is where illusion is created and the bondage begins. The lower-mind is only concerned with the survival and pleasure of the body, and this leads it astray from it’s evolutionary course, to a path of potential destruction.

All beings go through life in an entanglement with the phenomenal world and lower mind. What is entangled? The higher mind is entangled. The higher mind is the Soul, it is “Purusha” as they called it in the eastern Yogic system of Samkhya. The lower mind and phenomenal world is called “Prakriti” in the same system. These two become entangled in a destructive lustful affair. Only the separating of these two minds can can end the cycle of illusion, unhappiness and self-limitation.

After my realization of Source, I became aware of the higher and lower mind dynamic. The former having the natural thrust toward evolution, whilst the latter seeking to satisfy the desires of a lower instinct. This higher mind is the Self, the same Self that is realized in Self-realization. But beyond the Self is the Source, and that is why Source-realization is the highest reality one can wish to see. 

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