The ancients knew that life, and therefore us, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, were made up of 5 core elements known as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and the most mysterious of all, Akasha. The element of earth is the most dense, followed by water, by fire, by air and then the most subtle of the elements being Akasha. The 5 elements are like organs in a body, all with their much needed variety of functions that maintain the body. Like organs, if one of the elements is not working correctly, then it becomes a weak link in the chain that disrupts the efficiency of all the other elements, and the organism as a whole. One element being weak, means that all of the other elements have to operate out of balance, becoming overactive, just in order to compensate for that weakness. This imbalance directly affects our state of health, life potential and quality of well-being. The ancients knew that when these elements were in total alignment within us, all is at ease, but when they are not, that mental and physical dis-ease occurs.

Working with and purifying the elements creates within us a harmony, and influences a state of harmony around us to others. Our work with the elements, through the spiritual path, is the work of not just balancing the elements inside of us, but also transcending them and thus establishing a freedom from their karmic effects. In essence, to be in the world, efficiently and joyfully, but not of the world, and thus being eternally unbound and free. If all of the elements are purified and working to their most efficient within us, then our human experience reaches its blissful climax, and we begin to live the peak of our inner experience, our true potential, and increase our level of well-being.

The Akasha is present everywhere because all of the other elements are contained within it, and all of the elements are operating and moving through it. By tapping into the Akasha we become a channel, a vessel, for downloading and embodying more information that is contained within the fabric of the infinite universe itself. Between the dense, physically manifest aspect of the universe, and the non-physical reality beyond the universe (uni-verse – one-sound), lies the Akasha. The Akasha can also been seen as a universal memory and record of events and information. It is a bridge of foundational information, of all that ever has, is, and will ever be, which is at the substratum of the universe, and which connects the non-physical with the physical, feeding and storing information through experiences. It is a higher form of connection, beyond the unusual conditioned mind, which can give you access to an infinite amount of information, that then can be used in action, and thus be manifested in material reality….

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